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Welcome to Libra Press, my name is JeVon McCormick and I’m the CEO.

My partners and I started Libra Press with a very simple purpose: to update and improve the traditional book publishing model to better serve Authors and readers alike.

We wanted to keep all the things about a traditional book publishing company that worked well–like bookstore distribution, high quality printing and production, and paying author advances.

But we also decided to update the traditional publishing model to meet the growing need for more flexibility and better services.

So for example, we will take agented and non-agented submissions, we hire the best outside marketing firms to run our launches, and we pay royalty rates to Authors ranging from 25% to 75%, usually averaging 50%–double the effective royalty rate of traditional publishers.

I also started Libra Press to address more than the financial and creative problems with traditional publishing.

I started Libra Press to even the scales. We will make a special effort to help bring in and raise up unheard voices, and stand on the side of those who are oppressed and forgotten.

I ended up here, as CEO of a publishing company, because I decided that I had a story to tell.

We at Libra Press want to help as many people as possible tell theirs as well.


CEO of Libra Press


  1. Agents not required for submission: We do NOT require an agent to submit a book to us (though of course agented proposals are always most welcome).
  2. Easy submission process: No confusing guessing as to what we want. We tell you what we’re looking for (books with a high likelihood of sales success) and give you a VERY simple form to submit your book proposal.
  3. Industry best royalty rate: We give Authors the best royalty rate possible, usually 50% royalty to the Author (industry standard rates range from 7.5% to 25%). We even do deals of up to 75% royalty to established Authors with a track record of sales success.
  4. We do actual book marketing: Traditional publishing companies don’t do book marketing. They expect their authors to do that. We partner with our Authors, and invest and lead their marketing efforts with outside teams whose only job is to market books.
  5. Equal investment in the book: Unlike most traditional publishers, we don’t expect you to be the only one investing in the marketing. In fact, we only ask you to invest as much as we do in marketing your book.
  6. Willing to take risks and do things differently: Do you want to give copies away to promote the book? Maybe add something unusual to the book? We are not only willing to listen, we’re probably going to find a way to do it.

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